To help raise funds to develop sustainable energy technologies to be implemented on the large scale to replace the costly infrastructure we now have thereby driving our personal energy bills down!

There is an abundance of alternative energy and technology that can support and automate the power infrastructure.

When implemented and used it will result in a system almost independent from human intervention... and because machines don't need food, rest or the need for payment, the energy produced will be as free as the air we breathe... That’s right; you don’t see the Earth asking for payment for all the air we suck in, do you??? likewise a system with as little human intervention as possible will have the same effect... resulting in LOWER BILLS for everyone on the planet, including the fat cats!

Please support this cause; we need to set this wheel in motion for all our sakes.

If you believe in this cause please send it to all your friends and help it go viral.

Thanks for your support

1. Research and development of very low maintenance renewable technologies

2. build and distribute systems at as low a cost as possible

3. for the humans of this world to benefit from the natural renewable resources that are our common heritage