Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Awareness & Research

I am an EDSer that has studied Pharmacy, Genetics, Nutrition, and Biology at Rutgers University. It is amazing how many credits I have accumulated over the years. My concentrations and studies have led me to the decision of officially dedicating the rest of my life to raising awareness and advocating patient self-education in regards to individuals actively seeking resources and information in order to better equip themselves when it comes to making life decisions (whether it be to take a certain medication, or proceed with a procedure/surgery). Our focus is the raise enough awareness were the world realizes that curing EDS will also cure arthitis, osteoporosis, as well as help advance wound healing and slow down the aging process. We need to break the code of COLLAGEN, understand it's ins and outs so that we can treat any connective tissue collagen based disorder. Awareness is the first step in raising enough funds for research. Even if you are not born with a connective tissue disorder, you will eventually experience the aging process and you will have to endure the slowing down of collagen production (thus the formation of wrinkles). Researching collagen mutations will benefit all of us. If you are not an EDSer become a part of the Zebra Allies.

1. Visit www.EDSers.org

2. Educate yourself about Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

3. Realize that like Zebras, EDSers are stronger when united together into one cohesive group. All EDS organizations, advocates, individuals, allies, etc, must stand together in the effort to bring light to the EDS community of Surfighters.

4. Show your support by donating to the cause at www.EDSers.org!