Make people aware of the Bangladesh genocide, and voice to bring the criminals, who were responsible for it, to justice.

Do we remember the genocide of Bangladesh?

It happened in 1971, during the 9 months long Liberation Struggle in which the tiny nation of Bangladesh fought a bloody war with their then 'rulers', Pakistan. The killing game started in the name of "Operation Searchlight" by the Pak Army on the night of March 25, 1971, when they took the roads of Dhaka & other cities and murdered some 30,000 odd innocent Bengalis. The order of the day was: shoot at sight! And, it continued for 9 long months.

Some Bengalis, who called themselves the Razakars, Al Badars & Al Shams, joined hands with the occupying Pakistan Armed Forces in the killing game.

Nothing could stop the liberation of Bangladesh, even though Pakistan had the US & P R China supporting them, including other influential Western & Middle Eastern governments. The Bengalis, though not known to be a martial race, defeated the Pakistan Army in one of bloodiest war in history. The Pak army had to surrender to the Joint Forces of Bangladesh & India, along with their local aids. But by that time, they were done with murdering approximately 3 million Bengalis, including women and children.

Till date, we, the Bengalis of Bangladesh, do not know of a single incident where the criminals who were responsible for the genocide, looting and widespread violence in 1971 Bangladesh, have been brought to justice.

1. Stand united on the issue of bringing the 1971 War Criminals to justice.

2. Raise your voice to bring these criminals to justice.

3. Create public opinion in bringing these criminals to justice.