A huge opportunity for animals..

Dear animal lovers, On the following website you will find Anita Weber's dream to provide funding towards renovating a shelter in Bulgaria. Please go on this website and vote for her and actually our common dream, so it can come…Read More

please help to make a difference..

I beg all of you to stand together for this cause: two days ago, the Romanian Government has approved euthanasia and is planning to kill all the 3 MILLION dogs that are on our streets.The problem is that our political leaders are always hungry for money, and…Read More

i beg you to please sign and share..

This is the petition to urge Romania to reconsider its decision regarding the murder of all 3 million street dogs. Let us be their voice.. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/urge-romania-to-save-stray-dogs-by-signingthe-eu-declaration/


Hihihi, 1.878 members..you all did amazing things..So far we have raised 300 $, but dont be discouraged by anything..even a small amount of money can make a difference, just as you prove to me that even one person can make a huge difference and impact. The…Read More

Another puppy step..

Good morning, How are you all today? I am happy to inform you that our cause has reached 642 members, and this was only possible because of all of you, who have raised awareness regarding the poor situation these dogs are facing. I am so proud of how you…Read More


The story of the 47 chained dogs belonging to a old man who can no longer take care of them should not end like this. I beg you to at least take a look at the cause and if you can, donate 1$ so that together we can be the voice of the voiceless. I sincerely…Read More
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