To save as many pets that are unwanted

Right now there Is a big change needed In the State of Rhode IsLand to help save and protect every single animal / pets we are there voices the much needed change.

cause its past time to make a change after a pitbull named Tyson's Death In Rhode Island all pet's and animals that are unwanted have a right to live we are there voices they all need us world wide.

To save as many pets that are unwanted so that they are not on the streets and In Shelters were they will be put down for no reason to get farm land to build on so that way they all have a safe place to be all animals Including farm animals, small animals, reptiles and more.

We are the change that Is needed please help be the voices for those that can not speak

1. Keeping all animals safe

2. We are there voices

3. Time to make a big change