I have witnessed that Indian Bureaucracy and government officials are highly corrupt. Nothing can be done without paying bribe or using services of TOUTS and Dalals. Indian have to check the menace

Dear readers, I have just retired after serving 36 years in Indian Army. I sacrificed my youth, charm of life for the citizen of India but I was shocked when an official demanding corruption says quote I do not know Colonel of Army, I only Identity Rupees 500 or 1000 notes. If you have I am available or else I am busy in a meeting. Greater Noida AUTHORITY officials had his way through. I paid my blood earn money as bribe after dying for years so that these people could sleep well.

Another incident where two teams of UP police visited my house to verify passport credentials of my children and both teams only left my house after collecting bribe of rupees 1500 each saying Sahib, Iska Hissa uppar tak sub officials Ko jaata hai means Sir, share of this loot goes of all the officials in chain of command.

I wish my readers to join and give their views so that we strengthen Sri Anna Hazaray's fight against corruption. You give yours opinion as to how to punish such corrupt official. One peon in government offices had much large bungalow than mine as a Colonel who retire after 36 years of Service.

You will be surprised to know that I just got enough money after 36 years of service in Indian Army for the Nation equal to just three SIXERS of a Cricket player in Indian Premier League or World Cup.

I appeal readers to join my cause and support eradication of corruption from society.

Shall we hang corrupt?
Shall we publically punish them?
Shall we kick them when the demand bribe? People cannot do so because his job will not be done.

I Wish to dedicate fight against corruption.

Shall we investigate and confiscate their property? A clerk in government Housing Development authorities had large property than his source of income.

Col (Retd) Som Sharma
[email protected]

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2. India Needs massive movement to curb and weed out corruption. Need to define corruption and rules to curb. Wish people to list punishment for corrupt

3. Sri Anna Hazaray had taken initiative for Lokpal Bill but Joke of the millenium that people who are responsible celebrate victory on 10 Apr 11