Temple of Democracy in India TODI An Insult

Dear Readers Today on 02 May 2012 entire electronic media is filled with crying response of BABA Ramdevji remarks about Criminals entering in TODI. Will any Indian Citizens accept worshipping Criminals in our Temples? Why we Indians are so helpless that we…Read More

How family suffered Fighting Corruption Termite

My dear friends, Today I am going to share the difficult days of my Husband who was serving in Indian Army during his tenure as Director Recruiting in 2007 to 2009. He was posted in very infamous recruiting office for corruption on his profile but he became…Read More

Corruption Free India

Dear Friends, I wanted to join Sri Annaji at Jantar Mantar but due to some commitments I was late. When I returned to Delhi on 09 April 11 it was truce and on 10 Apr 11 Fast Un to Death FUD was amicably resolved. I wish to serve the nation as a soldier…Read More
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