Parar la masacre de perros en Romania y que en cambio esterilicen

Romania is one of the cruelest countries on earth. They capture stray dogs and kill 300 every day with a hammer on their heads, or by electrocution, etc. We all have to sign the petition protest to stop all this, Let's go against their tourism and commerce. WE WON'T STOP!!!

Romania es uno de ls países más crueles, estan masacrando 300 perros por día, con martillo en la cabeza, x electrocución, etc. FIRMEN la petición les ruego. Iremos contra su turismo y comercio

1. http://www.change.org/petitions/stop-slaughtering-dogs-in-romania-they-are-shot-electrocuted-and-hit-to-death#?opt_new=f&opt_fb=t

2. http://www.vier-pfoten.org/stopkillingstrays

3. www.etn-ev.de/temp/explorer/files/phpPETITION1/