Words of Encouragement

The choices we are making on a daily basis are what push our politicians to make new laws and get rid of laws that violate the rights of human kind. I encourage you to write a letter to your senators and let them know that we want change. We want to keep our…Read More

Keep Up the Good Work

Hello Cause Members: I wanted to tell you all thank you so much for inviting more people. The bigger we get the more we can do. Keep up the good work and remember all the new cause members please send invites to everyone. Lets make a difference!

Dream Act

Fellow cause members I want to encourage you heck ask you to please support the Dream Act you can see what its all about at http://americasvoiceonline.org/ this is a great step to start keeping our families together. Do what you can Send the letters to those…Read More

March to the Capitol

Dear Cause Members: I am working on organizing a rally and march to the capitol in Jakes honor for immigration reform. I will send out another message when I have all the details organized but be ready to show this country that we will not sit back and let…Read More

Keeping hope alive

I would like to thank all of our members for the support. I would also like to encourage all of you to share the story of Jake and his family with people you encounter. The more people we can get to open their eyes to the injustice and heartache these laws…Read More

T Shirts for sale

In an effort to raise some money to help with the legal costs our family is selling T-Shirts that are to help celebrate the life of Jake. They are $25 dollars and worth every penny! Please let me know if you would like to buy one or even just make a donation…Read More


Dear friends and family: I am asking you to find it in your hearts to donate money to help bring Jakes wife Tania and his son Anthony home to the United States. There has been a memorial fund set up at Bank of the West. Please give what you can to help our…Read More
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