Election Day Countdown - 2 Days

Good Morning!!! Please remember to VOTE this Tuesday and remember to get your friends and families out too. Here are the school board candidates we need to elect to give the Pocono Mountain School Board back to the VOTERS it is supposed to…Read More

Election Day Countdown - 6 days

Hello Folks! Election day, that huge day that offers us a rare opportunity to fundamentally change our school board, is just six (6) days away. Please tell you friends throughout the community to remember to vote. The candidates we're rooting for…Read More

Campaign Web-Site

Team: The web-site for this school board election campaign is live and you can check in and get information about the candidates we are supporting. www.saveourschoolspmsd.com PLEASE REMEMBER TO TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND INVITE THEM TO THIS CAUSE. Best gks

School Board Meeting Wednesday April 20th

Hello Folks. I pray this finds you all well and getting ready for spring. It looks like there is good weather coming for this weekend. I am writing to encourage you to go to the school board meeting next Wednesday, April 20th at 7:00 p.m. There is a lot on…Read More
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