Walk to Cure Capitalism video

Here's the link for last year's Walk to Cure Capitalism! You can also follow #WalktoCureCapitalism on Twitter http://youtu.be/nzgepmEA1BQ

Burque May Day

Today's meeting went well! Next Planning meeting for May Day in Burque will be Wednesday, April 4 at 5PM at 714 4th St. SW https://www.facebook.com/events/272063409540756/

Albuquerque May Day 2012

Burque May Day 2012 is on! Details will be worked out soon!!! Next meeting Wednesday, March 28 at 5PM. Proposed location - 714 4th St SW. (That's between Coal/Bridge on east side of street.)


For Albuquerque - tomorrow at the Anti-Capitalist Working Group the discussion of supporting the walk will come up. For those here and interested show up Saturday, 2/18 at the Peace & Justice Center.
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