Over 200 Members!

The cause now has over 200 members! Lets keep this going! Thank you to everyone who has actually taken time out of their day to recruit more members! We really appreciate all the support that everyone has given us! www.facebook.com/theoctavevenue

Do you know a local band??

If you know a local band or someone in a band please tell them about our cause! We could really use some support from the local bands to really get the word out there!

Getting Closer!

Thank you again for everyones support! We are getting closer to being 200 members strong! Keep spreading the word! www.facebook.com/theoctavevenue

Going good!

We are almost to 200 members! Please keep spreading the word! The more members we have the stronger our word becomes. If anyone wants more info about The Octave and the location, please go to: www.facebook.com/theoctavevenue

Keep the recruits coming!

Everyone is doing an awesome job on spreading the word! Thank you to everyone who continues to support The Octave. If we want to have an impact on the City of San Bernardino we are gonna need tons of "Cause Members"! Again we appreciate everyone who is…Read More

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Thank you everyone for your support! We still need alot more voices to be heard! This has become more than just about the music, the city is discriminating us. They are stereotyping us! If you think this is wrong please continue to help us be heard!

Do you like music??

If you like music then tell your friends to join the cause and spread the word! We need to show the City of San Bernardino that the community wants this. This is about the music!
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