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Have an amazing Summer!

As we head into the summer, we wanted to update everyone on the amazing success of the SAR 1 in 1000 Campaign! 

$22,600.42 was donated by 1040 different people in just a three week span! Our three YouTube videos together had more than 2400 hits!

Combined with the Avi Chai Foundation match, you helped us raise over $40,000 for the SAR Scholarship Fund!

All of the students and faculty enjoyed some ice cream in celebration of our success, we gave away a few pairs of SAR Sting slippers, and over 30 of our power referrers were rewarded with free Frozen Yogurt. The posters, postcards and buttons are still floating around the office, and we're looking forward to the next opportunity to rally this wonderful community behind an exciting cause!  

As we begin planning all of the exciting programs planned for next year, we hope you enjoy the summer. You should look forward to some exciting new events from us in the coming months, and an enhanced SAR online presence to be announced very soon!

Please don't be shy! Stay connected with us through Causes, Facebook (, Twitter (, or on our website ( We'll be here all summer long! 

-Team SAR

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