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Free Frozen Yogurt if You Recruit 2 New People! - SAR 1 in 1000

Thank you so much for being an integral part of our 1 in 1000 team. We have raised over $15,000 from 728 different people - amazing!

But... how are we going to get the last 372?

With your help, and some free Frozen Yogurt. 

If you recruit two new people to the 1 in 1000 campaign, and confirm with them that they have made the donation, we will give you a coupon for a Free Frozen Yogurt from The Candy Box in Riverdale. 

Here's how you get the Free Frozen Yogurt

* Pick 2 people who have not yet given $18.
* Use your charm, humor, smarts and arm-twisting to convince those 2 people to donate, and make sure they do it!
* Send an email to [email protected] to let us know which two people you recruited.
* We will email you a coupon for a Free Frozen Yogurt from the Candy Box on Riverdale Ave.
* We hit 1000 people, and win the $18,000 grant!

We have 150 coupons, but there's no limit on how many coupons each person can earn. For every pair of new people you get to participate, we will send you another coupon for a frozen treat!
It's that easy - are you in?


"But I don't live near Riverdale..."
"I don't really like Frozen Yogurt..."

That's OK! This coupon is transferrable, so you can send it to a friend!
Frozen Yogurt makes a great birthday present, housewarming gift, or baby shower stuffer!


If you have any questions/ideas/comments, please don't hesitate to send them to [email protected]
Thank you!

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