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Have an amazing Summer!

As we head into the summer, we wanted to update everyone on the amazing success of the SAR 1 in 1000 Campaign!  $22,600.42 was donated by 1040 different people in just a three week span! Our three YouTube videos together had more than 2400 hits! Combined…Read More

We did it!!!

THANK YOU! Through your hard work, we flew past 1000 all the way to 1030. And we have a feeling we'll still get a few more people over the next few days who want to be part of the 1000! We have hit the target for the full $18,000 match from the Avi Chai…Read More

Free Frozen Yogurt if You Recruit 2 New People! - SAR 1 in 1000

Thank you so much for being an integral part of our 1 in 1000 team. We have raised over $15,000 from 728 different people - amazing! But... how are we going to get the last 372? With your help, and some free Frozen Yogurt.  If you recruit two new people to…Read More

We are SO close to 50%

Tomorrow morning at 9AM will mark 1 full week of this 3 week campaign.  We are only 35 people shy of 500! That's our halfway mark which is amazing! We are raffling off a pair of SAR Sting Slippers tomorrow morning at 9AM for everyone who participated in the…Read More

We are almost at 400!

We have already reached 378 donors in just four days, and it's thanks to you!  Now it's time to push forward to our next benchmark. When we hit 500 people, we will unlock $2000 of the Avi Chai match.  We can get to 500 people this weekend, but we need your…Read More
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