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Party Locations
12/04 - Kids Bible Club
Acworth, GA

12/7 - City of Refuge Homeless Shelter
Atlanta, GA

12/9 - Canton YMCA
Canton, GA

12/11 - The Varsity
Atlanta, GA

12/21 - Cobb Civic Center
Marietta, GA

Metro Youth Detention Center
Atlanta, GA

Hartman Drug & Rehab Center
Marietta, GA

Cobb Youth Detention Center
Marietta, GA

Volunteer Opportunities
Over the years, locally and internationally, our HBJ Parties have served over 100,000 children and families. To continue this blessing and to tell His message to that many people we need volunteers. We need volunteers to help set up and decorate at each party, to pass out HBJ Shirts and gift bags, at the balloon station and help at other activities during the party. Contact our office at (770) 795-9349 or by email at [email protected] to see how you can be a part of giving to your community through volunteering.

How you can help!
We are looking for Volunteers! Individuals, Groups, Families, Schools, Churches or Organizations it does not matter. To become a HBJ Party volunteer, contact our office at (770) 795-9349 or [email protected] to get connected for our upcoming HBJ Party season.

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