Please, raise your voice against the decision of dissolving Higher Education Commission (HEC). Support the cause for an educated and developed Pakistan!

Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) has been making a valuable contribution in the socio-economic development of Pakistan since its inception in 2002. The purpose of this cause is to create awareness among masses about HEC’s role & need for promoting the higher education in Pakistan, to make policy makers realize the significance of HEC for this country and ultimately, persuade them in stopping the dissolution of Higher Education Commission (HEC). For this purpose, we would request you to take the following actions:

Action 1: Please create awareness among your friends, colleagues, family members, public figures and community at large about HEC’s contribution for higher education in Pakistan and the immediate need to stop its dissolution for a prosperous Pakistan.

Action 2: Write articles, talk to media & newspapers and sensitize your community leaders including philanthropists, politicians & social activists to raise the voice against the decision of dismissal of HEC.

Action 3: Take the pledge and invite 75 members every day to join the cause so that more and more people would know about it.

Action 4: Share the link for this cause at related community pages on facebook e.g., universities, colleges, alumni networks, N.G.O’s, educational linkages etc.

We will keep you posted with latest updates, HEC’s achievements and related articles through our daily bulletins. You may visit the referred websites for more detailed information on this issue. Thank you very much!

1. www.hec.gov.pk