jail chalo andolan

Make India corruption free. In three days registrations for jail chalo andolan reached to 82,000. Please vist www.jailchalo.com for registrations to join Anna.

Victory for people

Governemnt crumbles, passes resoultion in the Parliament. Anna says it is Half victory. Victory comes not in miles but in inches. We are ready with Anna for the second innings.

Join Annaji

The future depends on what we do in the present. ----- by Mahatma Gandhi. Join Annaji to liberate our country from the corruption.

Differences between Government version and original lokpal version

Here are the key points of disagreement between the government and the civil society on the bill: Prime minister: The civil society wants the prime minister to be under the Lokpal's ambit. The government has kept the prime minister out of the Lokpal's…Read More

Mr. Anna called for unity amid Modi controversy -2

We all expect hindrances will be created to stop the anti corruption Bill. We have to be united as ever and face these back stabbers to achieve our goal corruption free India. Dealing with backstabbers, there is only one thing to learn, they are only powerful…Read More

Mr. Anna called for unity amid Modi controversy -1

After Mr. Anna called off the fast, Mr. Kapil Sibal started to question the importance the Lokpal bill and tested the waters to dilute the movement. Some others in disguise and under the pay rolls of these political parties joined the band wagon trying to…Read More

(no subject)

No nation can base its survival and development on luck and prayers alone while its leadership fritters away every available opportunity for success and concrete achievement. This is an opportunity for this government to cleanse our corrupted system and make…Read More
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