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We are wilth you Anna Hazare!!! Its time to take action agaist corruption

Current Politics is like a "Multi crore Buisness", invest one time for election to buy votes and get profit unlimited on daily basis and settle down for next five years. Its not far people will start invest money on politicians in share market to get good…Read More

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Republic Of Scams Total Scam Money (approx) Since 1992: Rs. 73000000000000 Cr. (73 Lakh Crore) Hard to digest ? Just check the below given details 1992 -Harshad Mehta securities scam Rs 5,000 cr 1994 -Sugar import scam Rs 650 cr 1995 -Preferential…Read More

Thank you for joining this cause!!!

Hi friends, I am very pleased that my cause is reaching out and people are started reacting on that. So please send request to all your friends in facebook and create the awareness on " Anti corruption and support Anna Hazare on his mission to pass Lokpal Bil…Read More

Be a True Indian to support the this cause

Please send invitation to all your friends to support this cause because " One person-Anna Hazare took a strong decision to go on a hunger strike till his death to stop corruption by passing Lokpal Bill India" .

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