Independent review to be led by Lord Stevens, who retired as commissioner of the Met in 2005.

Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper said ministers' reforms to the service were "piecemeal" and "cackhanded" and are introducing "chaos and confusion" to the police force. "The job of government is to act to…Read More

Last day in the Job! “I will have an award for bravery in one hand and an A19 in the other" Hero Police Officer Kevin Brooks is an example of the injustice officers are facing as savage cuts to policing mean despite being recognised with an award for bravery, he has been served an A19 notice to…Read More

Member survey on Facebook - find out what peoples views are! ACPO state there will be 12,000 fewer Police Officers as a result of the cuts. (15,000 fewer staff) Winsor is set to change terms and conditions of employment. Do you welcome…Read More

"Protect Police numbers, Protect the Public"

View the latest link and follow the 'Lobby your MP' for a quick and easy way to contact your MP and help us make a difference. Feel free to use this template or choose your own words to make it even more impactful. If your MP will not respond to you, write…Read More

Message to Theresa May - Lobby your MP & sign up at least 10 of your friends!

There is potential to exceed 140,000 members by the time the Home Secretary addresses the Police Conference in May.(Total Police Officers in England & Wales) This would send a very clear message to the government. Please can you get as many of your…Read More

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As we approach 1,500 members in just under 3 days please be mindful that the Home Secretary has directed that changes must be aggreed by the PNB meeting in July! There is very little time for consultation or negotiation and it would appear a fait accompli as…Read More

The Public need to know - speak up!

Police Federation explain how important your voice is and how it can be heard
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