Back to Drop the charges against 3 Warwickshire Firefighters

23rd March new court date, we need your support

A date for your diary, Friday, 23rd March Stafford Crown Court is set for the next appearance of our Warwickshire three firefighters. Please can we have as much support as possible for our lads. We mourn and miss the firefighters that were lost on that tragic night, but we should not prosecute men who were doing their best under difficult circumstances. Fire is unpredictable, does not run to text book and with the best training in the world things can still go wrong. We should be so thank ful that we have people willing to risk their lives to save others. So please continue to support and lobby for the charges to be dropped. Respect for all firefighters past and present. Let's hope that this is the last appearance in a court for our Warwickshire Fire & Rescue Service, fire fighters.


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