CALL TO ACTION: It is critical that you take action now and tell your elected officials to control welfare spending and not put taxpayers on the hook for more problems in the future. GA welfare spending has more than doubled in five years. It's time to demand…Read More

Gov. LePage on Radio Tomorrow - Listen & Call In!

Governor LePage will be on WLOB radio with Ray Richardson at 6:45 AM. Be prepared to call in if the opportunity is available. Put the WLOB studio number in your phone now: 207-775-1310. Gov. LePage will then be on WVOM at 7:04 AM with Ric Tyler & George…Read More

Action Alert: Project 455 Covers Maine

It is time to bring the conversation in Augusta back to JOBS, taxes, spending, regulation, energy prices & welfare reform. For weeks the extreme left in Maine has been trying to change the conversation to anything but what we need to do to fixed the…Read More

Action Alert: Support LD 1333 – Health Insurance Reform To Lower Costs And Create Jobs

Maine needs jobs and economic growth. One of the largest hurdles for any small, medium or large business to overcome in looking at creating jobs in Maine is the high cost of health insurance for employees. This must change if we are to create jobs and truly…Read More

New Tool To Support Governor's Budget

New tool will allow you to contact the entire Maine Appropriations Committee with one click to urge them to support the Governor's budget which cuts taxes, reforms welfare and fixes the debt. Go here and use the form to tell the Appropriations Committee to…Read More

Show Governor Lepage your support

Please take the time to invite your friends to join to show support for Governor LePage's budget.


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