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Stephen's remarks at a recent fundraising event

As Henry VIII said to each of his six wives, I won't keep you long....

I am honored and deeply moved by the show of support for me here tonight.

How do I even begin to convey my gratitude to Eve and Brad for opening up their home for this event. Thank you. One day, somehow, I will be in a position to reciprocate their generosity.

Thank you to my sister and Urs who have provided unequivocal support, financial and moral, emotional and personal. I am at a loss as to how I will repay them.

And to my parents who have had to endure the unendurable. This is simply not supposed to be this way. They should be enjoying the sunset of their life, not be in the scorching heat of battle. To them, I don't know if I can ever be able to repay them.

It is indeed a battle. It is a battle of will. Determination, willpower.

At the risk of self-arrogance, I posit this. That I have foregone material comfort and public recognition to serve the nation. How naive and foolish that sounds now. The very government that I have dedicated my life to is trying to put me in prison.

It's been a long journey. At first was shock. Then depression. Then anger and resentment. Then depression and resignation again. Marcus Aurelius said, dig within, therein lies the wellspring of Good. And oh how I have dug and dug and dug. Take my advice - digging isn't that much fun!

And what you see here today is the product of that digging. I am still a bit soiled, a bit bruised, a tad cynical. But that experience has made me return to what I am and have been.

Ladies and gentlemen, I shall fight it.

I shall fight with everything I got.

Every ounce,
Every morsel,
Every fiber,
of my intellect and willpower will be on display in the months to come.

Camus said, you cannot create experience, you must undergo it. And what hell of an experience that has been.

Forged by that experience, I stand here before you,
humble yet determined,
modest but confident,
that I have the love and support of all of you, who have become my friend when you walked through these doors tonight.

Armed with that, there is no suffering I cannot bear,
no path I cannot venture,
no goal I cannot achieve.

With that support, I shall fight - to victory and vindication.

Thank you and good night.

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