“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” - Sir Richard Steele

We have a bit of exciting news! This week eighteen of our twenty students have met or surpassed their fluency goals and ALL twenty of our extraordinary students have increased their independent and instructional reading levels by at least three months! We are…Read More

Tears of Joy

Day 2: Along with literacy assessments and instruction, the kids participated in cooking lessons and what else on a hot day... a squirt gun fight! A mother looked on and what started as a smile and then laughter quickly turned into tears. She expressed that…Read More

2011 Summer Kick-off!

Today began our first annual summer program and it was a huge success!! We had twenty incoming second-graders and their families share in breakfast, art class, a science experiment, and some physical education! Tomorrow we begin assessments to give these…Read More
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