The mission and purpose of RISE is to empower students who are at risk of school failure to realize life-long success through research based literacy instruction and dynamic educational experiences.

Our Objective Is Two-Fold

First: We aim to provide academic support for students who are at risk of school failure.

The government defines “at risk” students as those who live with issues such as drug and alcohol addicted family members, students born addicted to drugs or alcohol, students of poverty, students for whom English is a second language, students whose parents are illiterate (even in their native language), and military children who move schools frequently.

The academic support we wish to provide includes language arts instruction in reading, writing, listening, speaking, and vocabulary development, to name a few.

We will use research based strategies and interventions to create individualized assistance for students. We will base these interventions on diagnostic assessments chosen to determine each student’s specific strengths and needs.

Second: In addition to our language arts support, it is our intention to provide enrichment activities in the form of experiences with visual and performing arts, athletics, music, science, and community service learning.

This plan includes hiring companies that provide enrichment services to come to our campus and work with our students, as well as planning field trips where students can get out into the community and in addition to experiencing the wonderful things that San Diego has to offer, working to better their community even at a young age. Students in the “at risk” category have family stressors that can interfere with good mental health and development. We would like to take our students to the beach, movies, zoos, parks, museums, etc. in order to provide them with fun outlets for the stress they endure at home. In addition to providing our students with fun experiences, it is also our goal to expose them to enriching activities that will show them the benefits of participating in their community and encourage them to become well-rounded citizens.

We intend to include technology in our program as well. Initially it will be a source of intervention, and eventually we hope that this access to technology will help our students develop skills that their more fortunate counterparts already have.

Students will be invited to participate in summer institutes based on the criteria listed above as well as state and school district test scores and teacher referrals. We hope to offer experiential and academic support during the school year as well, however this is dependant upon the availability of funding.

1. Building literacy and providing San Diego's low income and at-risk youth with fun and enriching activities.

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