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A big thank you to all who have joined and recruited their friends to this cause, It has reached another Milestone of ( 2514 members ) as i post this Update, Please make others aware by sending invitations to everyone of your friends so they can pass it on to…Read More


Another milestone reached in this cause 2,043 members already as i post this bulletin, Thank you all for joining and please make all your friends aware of this cause, Your support has been amazing. Regards john.


Hi, i would like to thank the members who have joined and supported my cause, Please send this cause to all your friends and lets see the members grow, It has been a great response from you all as the cause has reached over 1,300 in 4 days, so keep spreading…Read More


Many thanks to you all for the support with my cause, Nearly 1000 members already so please invite all your friends and post the link. Regards John.


A big thank you to all who have joined my cause, fantastic support already so please spread the word and get this cause exposed to the world, my wee niece will be so happy to see all the real human beings of this world supporting her, it wont bring cameron…Read More

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