Peak Oil Info You MUST Pass On (Please?) The amount of crude oil left in the ground that we can feasibly drill out has either already peaked or will by 2012. Our proposed coastal…Read More

I have made a fundraising pledge for our cause! Please read.

We must all do our part, whether we raise 5 dollars for research or bring up discussion of alternatives in the classroom! Time is not on our side, and we must all start now to help fuel our future, lest it be said we did nothing. The answer to dwindling…Read More

New Videos in the Media Board!

I posted four new videos in the Media Board below! They're all worth watching, especially the one about salt water as a fuel source. I encourage all memebers to post their own videos - it's the best way to get the word out on this application, in my…Read More

Membership is Soaring!

83 members! At this rate, membership will total over 100 in no time! It's great to see people from many different networks come together and join in on this! And remember, you can always donate to our non-profit group we support, who are headquarters for…Read More
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