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arc-mallorca now has its official charity status! We have been rescuing and caring for animals over the past ten years and have now decided that we would like to help more animals. To do this we needed to establish ourselves as a charity which we hope will enable us to fund the medication etc. needed for so many of our rescue animals.
Having achieved this we are now looking to animal lovers everywhere who will support us in trying to establish not just an animal rescue but also a sanctuary for those animals that have no alternative but death. The old, the sick, the disturbed, animals that have been thrown out, given up or abused here on the island of Mallorca have very little chance of being adopted and end up being put down.
Our goal is to build up an alternative so that we can rescue those old and sick animals and offer them the chance to live out the rest of their lives in peace and harmony while receiving the medical treatment they need in order to do so.
We are looking for arc-angels and guardian-angels to help us on this journey and would be very grateful if you would either become one yourself or share this with all of your friends who may be interested in helping us.

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