Millions Against Monsanto chapter for the southern metro area (Dakota, Carver, Scott, Le Sueur, Goodhue and Rice counties)

This is the Organic Consumers Association's Millions Against Monsanto chapter for Minnesota's 2nd Congressional District.

If you are in MN District 2 please join us! If you are in a different district, please join the cause for your district! Find your congressional district: http://capwiz.com/grassrootsnetroots/state/main/?state=MN&view=myofficials

Please visit OCA's Millions Against Monsanto page for more information about the overall campaign and to download campaign materials: http://www.millionsagainstmonsanto.org

1. We want genetically engineered food labeled!

2. We want food from factory farms where animals are raised on genetically engineered feed and hormones labeled!

3. We want to organize 2300 supporters in our congressional district! 435 congressional districts x 2300 = 1,000,000 against Monsanto!