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California "Right2Know" Ballot Initiative filed!


We Have Great News, but We Need Your Help!
#1, November 16, 2011
California "Right2Know" Ballot Initiative filed!
As you may have heard, last week, the OCA, OCF and our coalition, Label GMOs-It's Our Right to Know filed an initiative with the California Attorney General's office that will require labeling of GMO ingredients in food. This means that in a few weeks, we'll be ready to start collecting signatures to make sure this important issue is on the ballot next November.

Do you think the public has the right to know if the food we buy and eat contains genetically engineered ingredients? Do you think our food system needs reform? Do you want to stop corporations from regulating themselves?

If you live in California, help us gather signatures! We need to collect a minimum of 850,000 signatures by April. We are confident that we can meet our goal, but we need your help. Are you among the 85% of Californians who think that GMO foods should be labeled? If you're tired of waiting for the federal government to require labeling, here's a chance to help California lead the way in mandatory labeling legislation. To volunteer, please Organic Consumers Fund website. (

Volunteer! Donate! Attend a Meeting! Stay Informed! (

The future of our food supply literally depends upon the success of this campaign. Join us!

The Organic Consumers Fund (OCF) is the 501c4 allied organization of the Organic Consumers Association ( OCF is focused on grassroots lobbying and legislative action to promote organic and sustainable food and farming, health, peace, justice, sustainability, and democracy.

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