Basin Plan submissions in their thousands!

As you know the submission period for the Draft Murray-Darling Basin Plan ended on Monday, 16 April with the MDBA receiving over 10,000 submissions. Of those 10,000, a whopping 2,500 came from Environment Victoria supporters, all calling for a better deal to…Read More

Last days to Save the Murray, Please help spread the word!

Thank you for taking action to help protect the future of our lifeblood, the Murray River. The communities along the banks of the Murray-Darling Basin depend on it for their livelihoods. It’s home to unique ecosystems and wildlife found nowhere else in the…Read More

PM Julia Gillard ♥'s Murray!

Yesterday, PM Julia Gillard, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, Greens leader Bob Brown and Water Minister Tony Burke all declared their support for river reform. Big win! So with our MPs starting to listen to the voices from the community, now's the time to make…Read More

This morning we held a funeral for the Murray

The draft Basin Plan is finally out, and instead of saving the Murray it condemns it to a slow death. So this morning we held a funeral. Check out the pic here: The upside is that the draft plan is just a draft. Have your say in it…Read More

Sign our submission to the MDBA and help save the Murray, before it’s too late

The national plan to turn things around for overstretched rivers – the Basin Plan – fails miserably. But you can help change it. Three quarters of us want more water returned to rivers and if enough of us speak up we can make a difference. Add your voice at…Read More

They’re hearing us!

Woo-hoo! It looks like nearly half the submissions to the Murray-Darling Basin Plan are from Environment Victoria supporters. And that's not including the paper submissions we've received either. Gosh you're a good bunch! If you haven't made a submission yet…Read More

Stop press! Aussie scientists call for Basin Plan to be scrapped

Did you catch the ABC news last night? The Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists featured and said that the draft Murray-Darling Basin Plan doesn’t return nearly enough water to our rivers and should be scrapped! Pretty Amazing! Catch up with this 1 minute…Read More
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