Tell Whole Foods Market to Label Its GMOs -- By 2015, Not 2018!

Whole Foods Market has promised to label GMO ingredients in their stores by 2018. This is a big victory for our movement, but we should push them to do it by 2015, when the Label It WA ballot initiative would take effect if it's passed in…Read More

Victory! Whole Foods Will Label Its GMOs

Whole Foods Market says it will label GMOs -- by 2018. We can't wait 5 years! Tell Whole Foods to get this done by 2015, when the Washington ballot initiative to label GMOs, that we hope to pass in November, will take…Read More

What Schmucks! Santa Cruz Organic Might Contain GMOs?

Boycott Smucker's until they stop blocking efforts to label genetically modified food!

Ban the use of neonicotinoid pesticides before they devastate bee populations in the USA

Please sign this petition to save the bees. If it hits 100,000, Organic Consumers Association will organize a swarm of bees to sting EPA headquarters in Washington,…Read More

Boycott Naked Juice

Drink Naked? Please consider joining the boycott...

Make all GMO foods illegal to grow or sell in the USA

Please sign this petition to ban Monsanto's genetically modified food!

Help win the battle for GMO labeling by supporting Washington's fight to pass I-522!

The vote on Prop 37 for labels on food that contains genetically modified organisms, GMOs, is just 5 days away! You can help by donating, calling California voters and sharing this with everyone you know in California! Get involved: More
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