UNDP works to help people lift themselves out of poverty and hold their governments accountable.

UNDP has programs in 166 countries to help governments and civil society come together to create local solutions to the problems of: poverty, democratic governance, environmental degredation, and
crisis prevention/recovery.

UNDP's programs are supportive of human rights and gender equality.

UNDP is the coordinating organ of the UN Development Group (which includes all UN agencies working on development).

UNDP works to encourage attainment of the Millennium Development Goals, which aim to cut povery in half by 2015.

To learn more about UNDP's work visit www.undp.org and unworks.blogspot.com.

1. Poverty reduction should be a global priority.

2. It is through democratic institutions, through participation, through people getting organized in democratic ways that is at the heart of the challenge.