SOLGIDI commits itself to providing the means to make education accessible to girls in distress. At the heart of SOLGIDI's effort is not only financial, but also psychosocial support

In April 2002, Dr. Lea Ackermann with the support of Br. Frank Ten Hoopen initiated the SOLGIDI program to ensure that daughters of commercial sex workers, many of whom are orphaned, neglected or abused, can escape the vicious cycle of poverty. They services allow the burden on the mothers to be lightened, which in many cases allows them to stop practicing commercial sex work. SOLGIDI offers counseling and support to the mothers of its beneficiaries, but emphasis is placed on the education and psychological well-being of the girls.

1. To support abused girls and those at risk of abuse in receiving an education

2. To provide psychosocial support for girls and mothers of girls in distress

3. To raise awareness of children's rights in local communities