Giletti claimed Italy will trash Maltese....

Giletti was at it again, this time claiming Italy will trash the maltese in football... Quoting the Times of Malta article: "In an interview with Italian popular magazine "TV sorrisi e canzoni", Italian journalist and TV presenter Massimo Gilletti this…Read More

Massimo Giletti has admitted his mistake

In a really surprising move, Massimo Giletti has admitted he was wrong, proving us Maltese right... I heard it myself. RAI's reaction is still not correct and it's blocking a fair number of Maltese from their facebook page.. Other presenters have been…Read More

Grazzi !

Nixtieq nghid grazzi lil dawk kollha li dahlu bhala membri tal-Cause Fire Massimo Giletti for Racial Comments against Malta on RAI tv. Haga wahda nixtieq, li zzommu l-lingwagg taghkom kif jixraq jekk joghgobkom.. ma nuzawx kliem baxx.. Haga ohra, jekk…Read More

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