The Partnership for Public Service works to revitalize our federal government by inspiring a new generation to serve and by transforming the way government works.

Americans need effective government. Every day, we rely on our federal government to deliver vital services from protecting the homeland to promoting a competitive economy to preserving our natural resources. Today, our nation faces challenges of unprecedented complexity – from combating terrorism and competing in a global marketplace to dealing with an aging population at home. These new challenges intensify the need for our government to act on the most pressing problems facing our nation today and for generations to come.

These new challenges require new skills from our federal workforce. Yet, at this critical time, a record number of experienced federal workers will soon retire and insufficient interest in federal service leaves us with an inadequate pipeline of talent to replace these losses. Aggressive and immediate action is needed to strengthen the federal civil service, match new skills to current challenges, and build a government the public deserves and the times demand.

Strategy for Change

Building, energizing and maintaining a high-quality workforce is the key to success for any organization — and the federal government is no different. To revitalize public service and improve government performance, the Partnership pursues three strategic goals.

1. Building Communities of Support
The challenge of revitalizing government service is so large in scope that the Partnership cannot do it alone. Through outreach campaigns and legislative advocacy, we work to increase public support for government and mobilize stakeholders who can drive change.

2. Securing the Right Talent
To meet the country's most pressing challenges, our government will need the right talent with the right skills in the right jobs. To aid in this effort, the Partnership conducts outreach to inspire and educate young people and other key pools of talent needed by government. We also work directly with federal agencies to increase their capacity to recruit and retain the nation's top talent.

3. Fueling Innovation
Improving government performance will require changing the culture at many agencies from an environment guided by the status quo to one that constantly strives to innovate. The Partnership drives change in government by providing hands-on assistance to federal agencies from both in-house experts and private sector partners to create models of reform, conducting research to measure government performance in ways that promote transparency and accountability, and growing and training a new class of change agents within our government.

1. We believe that good government starts with good people.

2. We live by our name of Partnership – working with others whenever possible.

3. We exist not to do the job of government, but to help government do its job better.

4. We work to improve OUR government, not THE government, focusing on goals that transcend ideology and politics.