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Tell electricity and fuel companies that you will refuse to buy native forest derived bioenergy!

Dear supporter of native forests and clean energy,

The native forests of Australia are at a crossroads, now confronting the
threat posed by bioenergy to forests around the world. Plans are underway to
burn native forest wood for electricity, industrially distill native
forest biomass for liquid fuels, and make pellets for export so our forests
can fuel electricity elsewhere.

Can you take a few minutes to sign
this cyber petition which will automatically send an email to around 30
energy retailers and biofuel companies that will potentially profit from this
destructive industry? (

Trashing forests for bioenergy is a climate
calamity and a threat to genuine clean energy alternatives. Burning native
forest wood for electricity destroys native forests and their web of life but
doesn't help the climate.

The best way to tackle climate change in this critical
decade is by reducing our energy use and using true renewable sources like
solar, wind and geothermal power.
Biomass from native forests won't just use small quantities of sawmill waste or
leftovers โ€“ it will be like woodchipping, which uses whole logs and has driven decades of forest
destruction. It will rely on taxpayer subsidies.

Overseas, air pollution from
forest furnaces affects the health of nearby communities.It is
important to let potential retailers of native forest bio-energy know now that
the community does not want this dirty, environmentally obnoxious
power. Please sign the petition now.
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