HAPPY 1st New Heart Day, Derek!!!!

Can you believe a year has passed since our beloved Derek received his new heart?? The past year has been packed with very special milestones. Pre-school graduation, playing soccer, starting kindergarten with all of his buddies, Derek taking the initiative…Read More

Today we had the honor of presenting the Neal family with the proceeds of the fundraiser!

A week has passed since Derek has come home. He is doing a wonderful job recovering and is slowly building up strength in his legs again so he can get around and play. He has had one biopsy of the heart to make sure his cells look good and that his body is…Read More

Derek is HOME!

If home is where the heart is, Derek must be home! Derek, Dave and Elan made the long trip home last night and arrived home very, very early in the morning! Derek made it home just in time for the Easter Bunny to find him, snug in his own bed! Happy Easter,…Read More

Derek is coming home TOMORROW!

It looks like Derek's strong spirit, dedication and your prayers have worked wonders because our little charmer is going to come home tomorrow! We are so excited that Derek will be home for the Easter Bunny to find him. As you know, this was one of Derek's…Read More

Well, I was told not to spill the beans about how much $ was raised, but Patrice Walsh did! Haha!

http://www.13wham.com/content/blogs/story/derek-neal-heart-transplant/zwNjUg3DHkaI89kyqoWjsA.cspx Check out Channel 13's update on Derek's progress. Can you believe how amazing Derek's supporters are? We are all looking forward to Derek's return home!

If all goes well, Derek will be home on Sunday!

Some great news...Derek will more than likely be home on Sunday! We are so excited to have him home so he can sleep in his own bed, play with his toys, reunite with his brother, whom he has not seen in a very long time and be close to his friends and family!…Read More

Andy Lobban is our 1000 Supporter! YAY ANDY!!!

We have a new hero! Thank you Andy Lobban for being the person who brought us up to 1000! We are celebrating you, Andy!!! Derek will not believe that he has 1000 supporters out there! He is going to feel bigger than SUPERMAN! WHOOO HOOO!!!! Thanks, Andy!!!
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