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2012 Farm Bill Alert: Stop Congress's Secretive, Super-Undemocratic Super Committee!

Two weeks ago, we asked you to help stop the budget-slashing Super Committee from highjacking the democratic process and writing its own Secret Farm Bill to protect the interests of companies like Monsanto, Cargill, and ADM!

In the last 3 months, the American Farm Bureau Federation and the Biotechnology Industry Association have spent $700,000 lobbying the Super Committee.

If you haven't yet, take action to stop the Secret Farm Bill! (

PLEASE DONATE ( to help OCA counter these corporate lobbyists pushing genetically engineered agriculture and fight for a 2012 Farm Bill that gives us healthy food not corporate welfare!

Occupy the Super Committee!
Act in solidarity with this Occupy Wall Street activist ( who disrupted a Super Committee hearing. Tell Congress to Shut Down the Super Committee! Vote to tax the rich, cut corporate welfare & end the wars! (

Help feed Occupy Wall Street ( as they rebuild after raids in NYC & Oakland!

Safeguard Organic Standards Alert: Keep Synthetic Additives and Factory Farms Out of Organic Production
The National Organic Standards Board has the opportunity to close loopholes and strengthen the regulations, but a handful of corporate sector Board members are attempting to do the exact opposite: water down the standards.

Take Action to Safeguard Organic Standards By November 30! (

Urgent Appeal: Support the Petition Drive to Put GMO Labels on the Ballot in 2012!
Between January 1 and April 18, 2012 OCA, OCF, and our allies in the historic California Right2Know Ballot Initiative to label Genetically Engineered foods will have to collect approximately 800,000 qualifying signatures of California registered voters to place the measure on the ballot for November 2012 California ballot. Passing this measure will be the beginning of the end for genetically engineered foods.

Please donate to help us recruit and train volunteer signature gatherers! (

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