Rally time!

Oustanding Members of the Super Sweet Sixty-One, Not that it needs mentioning as I know all you loyal followers have been counting down the days on your calendar, but tomorrow is the big day! So, on this eve, I make my final plea to you to share our cause…Read More

Two cities in two days

Unfortunately, Tiffy was pretty busy this week. Not even 24 hours after Buster Posey was knocked out for the season by a home plate collision, the Chicago Bulls and Derek Rose wilted in the NBA Eastern Conference Finals. If you take just the population of…Read More

Snow, on April 19th?

Yup, we got fucked today. Of course most people will dismiss it as the work of mother nature in Wisconsin, and simply move on. Unfortunately, this isn't true, this stinks like one of Tiff's monster turds. The stench will only stop when we get him to commit to…Read More

Seize the day

Today as we all exercise our right to vote, let's be sure to raise awareness to our important cause. No matter which side of the aisle you lean to, we can all agree that Tiffy running the Warrior Dash is the right thing to do. Good news, if you haven't yet…Read More

Opening day debacle

In case you missed, or aren't much of a baseball fan, the Milwaukee Brewers blew an opening day win, when John Axford gave up a couple of walks and a three run homer in the ninth. Most people want to blame Axford for his horrible pitching, but we know this…Read More
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