Raise Alice Hoffman's Spirit/Make her smile if only for a few minutes

PRAY FOR OUR FRIEND ALICE HOFFMAN, SHE IS BATTLING CANCER FOR A THIRD TIME AND IS CURRENTLY GOING THROUGH CHEMO! SO PLEASE PRAY FOR HER!!! SHOW HER WE'VE GOT HER BACK! Send your love and good thoughts to her, Alice Hoffman, she is in the cancer ward of Texas Children's Hospital, 6621 Fannin St # A165, Room #846, Houston, TX 77030, (832) 824-1000. We are going to visit this weekend and will update. She loves Buffy the Vampire Slayer espescially Spike. If you could send a card or a Buffy/Spike item it would really make her day. She is very sick from chemo right now. PLEASE PLEASE DO THIS

1. Make a young girl going through chemo for third time