To Abolish Child Slavery

The Abolitionist's Handbook is a movie that the organization is attempting to produce. Involved in the organization are Isaac Stout and Cohutta Grindstaff from MTV's Real World. The movie will shed light on the children who are directly affected by child slavery. Many of the orphans who have been abused and or exploited are from the Nepal Orphans Home. The movie needs support from everyone so that the organization can get the funding to produce it. Just by supporting this cause, you are saying no to child slavery and helping spread the cause!

1. 40,000 Nepalese girls under 16 in Indian brothel are forced into prostitution. (Penelope Saunders)

2. Half of 100,000 girl prostitutes between 10-14 in Bombay are from Nepal and are kept in brothels against their will. (Penelope Saunders)

3. Some 62,000 urban domestics are under the age of 14. (UNICEF Innocenti Digest on Child Domestic Work)

4. http://abolitionisthandbook.org/