Our mission is to fund global research into the causes, prevention, & treatments for autism.

You're helping Autism Speaks™, the largest autism research and advocacy organization, fund research into causes, prevention, and treatments for autism spectrum disorders. Autism has a voice and it is time to listen. Autism affects 1 of every 110 children, and 1 of every 70 boys, in the United States — and the number of those who are diagnosed every year is growing. We need answers. In any disease or disorder, there are several basic questions to investigate: What is it? What causes it? How do you know if someone has it? and, most importantly, How do we make it better?
Autism demands answers for each of these questions. All are priorities. Autism Speaks™ has garnered its resources and organized its research program to pursue each of these avenues simultaneously. Their mission for research: "to improve the future of those struggling with autism spectrum disorders by funding research and developing resources that will accelerate discovery, development, and dissemination of methods for prevention, treatment, and cure."

1. In the U.S., Autism affects 1 of every 110 children.

2. It also affects 1 of every 70 boys in the U.S.

3. If 4 million children are born in the U.S. every year, approximately 36,500 children will eventually be diagnosed with an ASD.