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http://www.facebook.com/pages/Medium-Joannes-fan-page/167834789930844 please like my facebook page the more people i can get to the more i give give good honest readings to those who deserve to be treated properly and not scammedx

I do apologise for making a spelling mistake please read

This is a direct link to my official website where i have a system set up to be notified everytime i am emailed via website so i can answer your questions quicker..if any of you do need help with another psychic or if you would like me to try and find out if…Read More

Too much for too little????

Do you think many psychics over charge for services and if so what amount would you recommend?

welcome to all

have you had a bad experience with a psychic tell us here or if you would like to sing a psychic praises then do that....thanks everyone for getting involved love and light Joanne
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