To halt the import and supply of Foie Gras in South Africa

We are dedicated to the removal of Foie Gras in stores, delicatessens and restaurants in South Africa. The terrible suffering caused in unacceptable for any thinking person who can live without this Torture in a Tin; Foie Gras is the diseased liver of a sick and dying bird who has been force fed, often until death before slaughter.

See www.nfgsa.co.za for information, successes, the Wall of Shame.

Imagine you've just eaten an enormous lunch. So enormous that you can hardly move. In fact, you are finding it difficult to breathe. You feel bloated, swollen and in agony. "Why did I do it?, you ask yourself. "Never again!" Now imagine you didn't have the choice. What if, like the geese used to produce foie gras, you were forced to repeat the process time and time again? What if, for the next 16 days, at regular - all too short - intervals, somebody pushed a rigid metal tube down your throat and filled your stomach with food. The pain, discomfort and utter misery you would feel can only be imagined.

Importing it, supplying it, ordering it, buying it and eating means you are part of the pain and undeniable suffering.

It may be tradition, it may be culture, but times have progressed and the undeniable pain and suffering caused by modern farming methods are unacceptable. Foie Gras is one of many unspeakably cruel items we eat, but unlike chicken which is the mainstay for many South African households, Foie Gras is trendy and for those with the funds to spend outrageous amounts on a small plate consisting of 85% fat and 100% suffering.

During 'gavage', the french term for force feeding, a lega; requirement in order to call a product Foie Gras, the liver becomes a totally abnormal organ - grossly oversized in proportion to the bird's body. It's like forcing an animal to smoke enormous quantities of cigarettes and then selling its cancerous, deformed lungs as a delicacy."

Helen Zille, Nobel Laureate Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, Radio personality and motivational speaker Patricia Glyn, Mango Groove's Claire Johnston have signed the pledge to never serve nor eat Foie Gras.

Please help us in whatever way you can to help end the suffering for water birds denied the chance to strecth their wings and swim or dive, and who are treated incredibly cruelly to satify our taste buds for a moment's 'pleasure'