Prayers for a Precious Little Boy

Jeremy Jr was born with a Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia 03/17/03. Our CDC has had ongoing research as to the cause of this birth defect and does not have any. Many of these babies do not suvive through gestation due to the fact that the hole in the diaphram is located on the left side and the heart is smuthered. Jeremy's was central. He was on life support for one month and NICU for six weeks. He suffered a heart attack, stroke, and lung collapse at five mn old. Our Son is an Angel sent from God on the wings of Angels for a special purpose in this life. Jeremy serves as an inspiration for all and touches the heart of everyone he ever comes in contact with. Many families lose their precious babies to this condition and I am here to say that our Wonderful Lord and Saviour has a purpose for you and these precious Children. You can view our facebook and even get ahold of us for any type of support when you are facing this type of situation. Jeremy is scheduled for his eigth operation 03/23/2011. We were told he would never learn, take care of himself and I am here to tell you that this little boy has the heart of Goliath. He is off of his three machines, heart meds, seizure meds and has changed my life forever and infinity...............I have left my work to be with my son, if you would please pray for our family and Jeremy to show your support the Lord will bless you and we will be in great gratitude. Jeremy's Mom: Paula TY

1. Prayers for operations

2. Prayers for recovery

3. Prayers for rehabilitation

4. Prayers for his family

5. Prayers for His development