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We need your help

Dear members,

Without your help, this cause could be useless.

Hours ago, we have trespassed the limit of 100 members. That wouldn't have been attained without your strong belief in the cause. However, this is only the beginning. This is merely what we need.

We need to spread this cause all over Egyptians citizens. We need to inform everyone that we will not respond to any attempt from any candidate in any elections to direct our votes through force, sympathy or giving money or other materials.

We need to say it clearly and loudly that all our votes will be given to whoever can convince us with his program in the elections. And only for that program along with the person's credibility, we will decide Egypt's future.

This is an opportunity that comes once every few generations. Don't let that chance die in vain. Let's shape our new path for a better place in sha2 Allah.

I hope you find my message helpful. And I hope you will all invite your friends, your family and even people you might disagree when it comes to opinions.

Thank you for reading.
Your's, Omar. An Egyptian citizen who is not a member of any political party.

ملخص اللى قلته بالعربى: لو مؤمن بالقضية فعلا يبقا شارك بيها كل الناس عشان يعرفوا ان أصواتنا من هنا و رايح حتبقا لخدمة مصر عشان حنختار بيها البرامج و المصداقية مش العواطف و السلطة و الماديات. و شكرا

شكرا مجددا للقراءة و أضيف أحترامى للجميع

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