READ : Two Time Survivor + Help Fund Breast Cancer Medication for Women in Need

Hello Breast Cancer Site supporters!       READ : Two Time Survivor ( I was first diagnosed with breast cancer on my sons first birthday in 1998. I was only 33. I had a lumpectomy, then a mastectomy.…Read More

WATCH : Meredith + Help Fund Mammograms for women in need

Hello Breast Cancer Site supporters!       WATCH : Meredith - a moving short film ( Meredith is 37 and has Stage IV metastatic breast cancer. But she's not going quietly into the night. She's fighting…Read More

"Grandma has a WHAT?!" + Help Fund Mammograms for women in need

Watch this hilarious little video to get you laughing through your afternoon!   It's an anatomy lesson that we all have to learn. It's just that most of us aren't so gosh darn cute when we do it! As for me, I can't wait to have this conversation with my…Read More

"My Beautiful Mother" + FREE bracelet with coupon!

Read this Story of Hope from one of The Breast Cancer Site's fans:   "When I found out that my Mother was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago I cried myself to sleep almost every night without her knowing it because it was unbelievable something…Read More

I Just have Something to get off My Chest + Great Deals at The Breast Cancer Site

Need a little pick-me-up today? Watch Margaret's funny comedy routine about her experience with breast cancer!    They say that laughter is the best medicine and, when it comes to fighting breast cancer, why shouldn't it be true there as well? When Margaret…Read More

Be Proactive -- A Message from one of our fans

Sarah Atteberry of Nashville, TN is one of the brave women who've contributed to our "Stories of Hope" program on The Breast Cancer Site. Here's her story :    First, I would like to say that cancer sucks. With that being said my story begins at the age of…Read More

You Can Help a Pregnanct Woman with Cancer - The Breast Cancer Site

  Dear Pink Ribbon Supporters,   Information. Support. Hope. When a woman is pregnant and diagnosed with cancer, these three things take on great importance. You can help women facing this life-changing situation overcome uncertainty and fear. Hope for…Read More
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