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Alert: San Diego Union Tribune article on smart meter fees - plse read and comment on it, on SDUT page!

Dear Friends of Center for Electrosmog Prevention (CEP),

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Your comments are needed for today's article in the San Diego Union Tribune on smart meter opt-out fees, entitled "Would you pay $75 to drop smart meter?", with a survey you might also take. Even if you don't live in San Diego or California, your comments will help, as this article will be in the search engines. Many San Diegans are unaware of the issues due to the media being so in league with our local utility, no doubt, enjoying the expensive ads it pays for.

I was extensively interviewed for this article, which incorrectly portrayed CEP as "a tiny-but-vocal group of San Diego-area utility customers opposed to smart meters". The article was skewed toward the utilities (as usual here in San Diego), in my opinion. It did not inform readers about the scientific aspect of smart meter dangers, nor many of the other important points I made with the reporter.

Your comments on this article are very much needed, if you can leave one under the article that would be of great help!

We want people to know about the opt-out despite the unjust fees. We want people to fight the fees with us. We want people to opt-out, meanwhile, for the sake of their own health, and the fewer smart meters, the better. Meanwhile CEP is working to eliminate the fees and get smart meters banned.

The link is

To opt-out from SDG&E smart meters, or if you wish to share the opt-out form with everyone you know at work, at church, in all groups you belong to, click here.

Thank you for your help, in advance!


Susan Brinchman, Director
Center for Electrosmog Prevention
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