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This cause is an independent petition by and for fibromyalgia patients with the sole
purpose to create awareness of the fact that this disease is not as some “experts”
believe “all in the mind”, but can actually be diagnosed. It is not incurable but in fact
even operable.
Prof. Dr. med. Johann Bauer, in Zwitserland, has operated on hundreds of patients
with fibromyalgia, with a 60-70 % succes rate of pain relief to even complete elimination
of all pains.
This is by no means a site connected to Doctor Bauer’s clinic, however Doctor Bauer’s
method opens up the possibility for a complete cure for suffering patients and is still
not aknowledged. As opposed to this, all other methods are only able to provide
temporary relief.
Unfortunately the way to gain approval of medical and or health authorities of any
new treatment is long and extensive. By labelling fibromyalgia incurable the medical
and farmaceutical industries are generating profits beyond belief, proscribing
antidepressants, serotonin reuptake inhibitors, benzodiazepines and many other drugs.
Often accompanied by advisory Psychological support, physical therapy, acupuncture,
cognitive therapy, nutritional supplements, and osteopathic, chiropractic manipulation.
The list is endless. No wonder the health industry has no benefit in a simple solution
by aknowledging this operation. In the meantime the suffering of patients and their
family and friends continues.
This has got to stop!
My goal with this cause, is to gather as many members as possible, including
ex-patients of doctor Bauer. Not only to make more noise about this issue but mainly
bring attention to the Petition "A plead for succesfull treatment of Fibromyalgia" as to
present as many signatures as possible for each of our own authorities. The path of
every innovation is often blocked by the socalled protectors of that which exists at
present. In part they are protecting profit from royalties and in part it is because these
narrowminded individuals are not able to create anything new and they avenge
themselves by detaining any other new developpements.
By presenting this petition we can plead for a radical change of our social and medical
system and for the acceptance of this cure.

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Leave your signature and ask your connections to do the same.

Sincere gratitude for your help.

For more information;

1. www.fms-bauer.com

2. http://www.fibromyalgie-vlaned.nl

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